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Our story began like many new businesses out there during the pandemic. During the most difficult times, many of us began staying at home more and in turn, also cooked at home alot more. This was also the time when we have became more health conscious on what is served on our dinner tables. 

And this is where we discovered the importance of eating not only a healthier diet but also the origin of the food we eat. Through extensive research, we discovered several interesting and important FACTS

On a daily basis, we have been unconsciously eating many produce that could be toxic to our body! Most vegetables and fruits that we eat are grown and filled with high level of pesticides, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), and other chemicals that could cause both short and long term harmful consequences for continuing intaking non-organic produces that originate from China. 

Since an early age, we have been taught that eating more vegetables and fruits are good for our body, yet, we have neglected the fact that it's also equally important know that if we are eating food with toxic ingredients, the more we eat, the more it stays in our body and the more harm it does! 


Did you know....

"an estimated of three million cases of pesticide poisoning occur every year, resulting in an excess of 250,000 deaths worldwide..."  ~WHO (World Health Organization)~


Having these new knowledge, we have decided to share and promote the message of eating organic with least pesticides and harmful materials as possible to the general public. 

During our journey looking for healthier eating options, we encountered local organic produce. So, why not? Since we’re going organic anyways, why not support our local farmers while we’re at it? It’s definitely seasonal and fresh!   

Now we source the freshest and seasonal produce from a network of farms across Hong Kong, which allows us to bring you a variety of locally grown organic vegetables and fruits.

We truly wish that more people can enjoy the best of the season, fresh and healthy vegetables straight from the farm!